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Every day, more and more people become fans of this sport; for most it’s just a fun way to spend free time in the company of friends who become momentary rivals. With Carom 3D you'll be able to relive those fun moments from your home or office thanks to the game's intense realism.

Apart from enjoying a completely realistic game of billiards, you'll also be able to meet people from different countries, as the selection of rivals is made using a database of registered users from all over the world distributed by servers, channels, and game types.

All you have to do is to choose your rival and start to play. The controls are very simple: use the mouse to choose the panoramic table view that suits you best, place the ball in the position you want and, to hit the ball, simply press the Control key while you move the mouse; the force of the movement depends on how fast you move the mouse.

During the game, you can chat with the other user to get to know each other. You can also change the game's default tune and play your favorite MP3's. Once the game is over, each user registers the game's data in their personal file, including victories, defeats, and gaming styles.

To start to play you must first register yourself in the Carom3D database for free; this won’t be hard to do as the game itself has a direct link to its online registration page.

Enjoy an amazing game of billiards from your home with Carom 3D!
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